Company XLN-t / Vision


XLN-t is a company active in the development and production of electronic circuits for a broad range of industrial applications.
As a supplier of know-how and electronic sub-assemblies, we support our clients fully in bringing an optimal end-product to fruition.
We take great satisfaction in the challenge of solving our customers' specific problems and wherever possible we try to propose electronic solutions using standard microcontrollers, taking into account the important aspects of cost, ergonomics, installation and production-friendliness.

As an independent developer, we are not tied to specific industrial sectors.
Over the years, we have built up experience in a wide variety of different fields, including:


  Security and access control


  CNC Machinery


  Consumer appliances


  Electronic payment terminals


  RFID and smartcard identification systems


  Podium and theatre equipment




  Embedded PC


  Gaming and amusement industry


  eID Electronic identitycard readmodule





XLN-t - Hoogstraat 52 - 2580 Beerzel (Putte) - T. +32 15 249243 - -

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